Machine Descriptions

• LEIPACT - FFS -V Series is equipped with a PLC tracking system, connected to a LCD touch screen that allowed user to automatically adjust averall machine functions such as filling dosage. Eye mark On/Off & to have access to a vast data bank which simplified control of daily production output, speed, yield & etc.
• Equipped with one set high force indexing belt for smart handing of packaging material, thus reducing maintenance cost. Equipped with drying bucket through a powerful fan to ensure perfect sealing before individual packaging is to convey for stacking & carton pack
• Both sealing jaws are driven by an indipandent pneumatic cylinder & CAM system.
• Equipped with encoder for foolproof packaging film length sensing. • Special Design Heat Sealing Jaws and serrated knife are used for sealing Heat-seal able laminated and non-laminated packaging material.
• Both the sealing jaws are driven by an independent pneumatic cylinder and cam system